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  • Unlimited Industrial Opportunities in Kenya
  • Textile and Apparels Industry
  • Agro Industries
  • Industrialising Kenya
  • Geothermal energy supporting Industrialization
  • Welcome to State Department for Industry
    Industrialising Kenya
  • Unlimited Industrial Opportunities in Kenya
State Department for Industry Priority Areas
  1. Promote Agro-processing and establishment of Agro-Industrial parks in all counties.
  2. Restructure and operationalize Scrap Metal Council.
  3. Local content policy implementation.
  4. Promote the manufacture of fabrics, textiles, and apparel for employment creation.
  5. Skills development to support the apparel sector.
  6. Promote hides and skin value addition.
  7. Establishment of Building and construction materials industrial hub at EAPC.
  8. Promote pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  9. Increase production and processing of edible oils.