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Administration & Support Services

Administration & Support Services

Headed by Mr. Samuel Karanja Njora

The Administration and Support Services is headed by the Secretary of Administration. It is made up of various units that provide specialized support services for the optimum operations of the technical directorates. It also provides centralized services concerned with the coordination, organization, and management of administrative services within the State Department.

Support Services

Responsible for the management and coordination of the Human Resource Management and Development function.

Responsible for the management and coordination of the Supply Chain Management Services function

Develops and implements internal audit programs, plans, strategies, and schedules

Headed by Mr Timothy Gakuu - Director

The Directorate was established to ensure the implementation of national development goals. Its mandate is to provide advice on the planning process, policy formulation and monitoring and evaluation to ensure national development goals are realized. The mandate of the directorate was expanded to include monitoring and evaluation of all government and donor-funded projects in 2005 vide a Secretary to the Cabinet and Head of Civil Service Circular of 7th July 2005.

The State Department for Economic Planning deploys Economists/Statisticians to the CPPMDs. The CPPMDs act on behalf of the State Department For Economic Planning.


  1. Providing technical advice on planning, economic and statistical issues on the formulation and setting of policies on manufacturing and industrial development;
  2. Undertaking Monitoring and Evaluation of policies, programmes and projects under Industry and ensuring their timely, efficient and effective implementation;
  3. Provision of technical input and support in the preparation of Medium Term Expenditure Frame Work (MTEF) budget and its implementation;
  4. Coordinating the preparation, negotiation and vetting of the State Department’s and its Agencies’ Performance Contracts;
  5. Coordinating formulation, implementation and review of Medium Term Plans and Manufacturing Sector Plans under Kenya Vision 2030;
  6. Developing, coordinating, implementing and reporting on Ministerial and State Department’s Strategic Plan and Annual Work Plans;
  7. Coordinating the formulation, implementation and review of national and sectoral development plans, policies and strategies;
  8. Monitoring, evaluating and reporting progress on implementation of the national development blueprints, policies, programmes and projects;
  9. Uploading, updating in formation and generating Ministry/State Department projects/programmes’ reports in the Electronic National Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation System (e-NIMES);
  10. Conducting sector-specific economic analysis and research on topical and emerging socio-economic issues to inform policy formulation and planning;
  11. Preparing periodic sector-specific progress reports and ensuring compliance with public investment management guidelines;
  12. Updating and maintaining knowledge management repository; and
  13. Coordinating implementation of international commitments and regional integration issues including sustainable development goals and African agenda 2063 and economic partnerships.

Responsible for the management and coordination of the Finance and Budgeting function

Responsible for the management and coordination of the accounting function

Management and coordination of the ICT function in the State Department.

Management and coordination of legal counsel services in the State Department including advising on all matters of corporate governance, regulation, and managing litigations.

Management and coordination of public communications and public relations functions.