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Industrialization Field Services


    Field Services

    Headed by Mr. Joseph Mbeva

    Directorate Functions

    1. Coordinate the implementation of National Industrial Programs and Projects at the Counties
    2. Facilitate National/County Inter-Governmental Consultation Forums
    3. Coordinate Counties to carry out resource endowment mapping.
    4. Coordinate the development of investment profiles for Counties.
    5. Coordinate training in value addition, entrepreneurial skills, and standardization/Intellectual Property Rights for SMEs.
    6. Review the Environmental Impact Assessment Reports for Industrial Projects at the Counties
    7. Finalization of Guidelines for the development of industrial parks in the counties
    8. Coordination of market access for SMEs/Manufacturers' products from the Counties
    9. Liaise with Counties to hold exhibitions and investment forums in every county.
    10. Coordinate the identification and profiling of manufacturers /SMEs with exportable products per county.
    11. Coordinate the implementation of the One Village One Product (OVOP) Programme at the Counties
    12. Coordinate the dissemination of the OVOP Concept to Counties.
    13. Increased awareness of the OVOP Concept
    14. Link innovators to relevant supporting institutions for product development, incubation, standardization, protection of intellectual property rights, funding, and mass production for commercialization in every County.