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The State Department for Industry is established under Executive Order No. 1 of January 2023. It is placed under the Ministry of Investments, Trade, and Industry. It has the responsibility of Industrial policy planning; overseeing the growth, development, and regulation of the Manufacturing and Industrial sectors. 

The mandate for the State Department for Industry includes:

  • To Promote and Facilitate Domestic and Foreign Investments.
  • Investment policy and attraction.
  • Industrial Policy and Planning. 
  • Buy Kenya - Build Kenya Policy and Strategy
  • To Promote Standardization in Industry and Quality Control.
  • Promotion and Oversight of the Development of Special Economic Zones and Industrial Parks.
  • Kenya Property Rights Policy (Patents, Trade Marks, Service Marks, and Innovation). 
  • Promotion of Value Addition and Agro-Processing.
  • Textile Sector Development.
  • Leather Sector Development and Promotion of Value Chain.
  • Oversight and Regulation of the Scrap Metal Industry.
  • Industrial Training and Capacity Development.
  • To Combat Counterfeiting, Trade, and Other Dealings in Counterfeit Goods.
  • Oversight, Administration, and Enforcement of the Local Content Policy.

Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Government Agencies

The State Department for Industry has Eleven (11) State Corporations and one (1) training Institution. The State Corporations under the State Department include:

Autonomous Government Agencies:

  • East African Portland Cement Company (EAPCC)
  • Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS)

Semi-Autonomous Government Agencies:

  1. Kenya National Accreditation Services (State Corporations Act, Cap. 446,
  2. Kenya National Accreditation Services (KENAS) (Legal Notice No.17 of 2019)
  3. Rivatex 
  4. East African Portland Cement Co. Ltd (Companies Act, Cap. 486, 435 A, 446)
  5. Numerical Machining Complex (NMC) (Companies Act, Cap. 486)
  6. Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI) (Science Technology and Innovation Act, No. 28 of 2013) 
  7. Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) (Kenya Industrial Property Act, 2001)
  8. Scrap Metal Council (Scrap Metal Act, No. 53 1 of 2015)
  9. Kenya Industrial Training Institute (KITI) (Industrial Training Act, Cap.237)
  10. Anti-Counterfeit Authority (Anti-Counterfeit Act, No. 13 of 2008)