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Headed by a Director of Industries

Strategic objectives

  • To Promote the development of the textile and leather Sectors.
  • To Promote and Facilitate domestic and foreign investments.
  • To Implement Buy Kenya- Build Kenya Policy and Strategy.
  • To Promote Value Addition and Agro-processing.
  • To Capacity build MSMIs in Agro sector
  • To Coordinate and and support on the implementation of CAIPs

Directorate Functions

  1. Providing Technical support, data, information, and advisory services on Agro- Industries.
  2. Training of MSMIs - Entrepreneurial and Technical training or skills upskilling for targeted agro-industries subsectors
  3. Coordinate the presidential directive on the procurement of uniforms and boots by our disciplined forces and MDAS from local manufacturers.
  4. Coordinate the implementation of the Program for Country Partnership (PCP) in collaboration with UNIDO (Nyamira integrated agro-industrial parks(IAIPs) )
  5. Coordinate the establishment of County Aggregation and Industrial Parks (CAIPs) in collaboration with County Government.
  6. Linking entrepreneurs to MDAs on issues specific to them.
  7. Participate and contribute in EAC forums on Fruits and Vegetables, Leather and Textiles.