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Industrial Enterprise Development

Industrial Enterprise Development

Headed by a Director of Industries

Industrial Entrepreneurship Development is the means of enhancing the knowledge and skills of entrepreneurs in the manufacturing sector through the provision of business development services such as coaching, training and improving the entrepreneurs’ access to markets, finance, product development, incubation, common user facilities and consultancy services. The industrial development process aims at strengthening and increasing the number of entrepreneurs in the manufacturing sector by promoting the growth and graduation of small industries into medium industries. 

The industrial entrepreneur development process helps new and existing manufacturing firms or ventures get better at achieving their goals, and improving businesses and the country’s economy. Another essential factor of this process is to improve the capacity to manage, develop, and build an industrial business enterprise while keeping in mind the risks related to it.

Functions of the Industrial Enterprise Development Directorate (IEDD)

  1. Promote the development of entrepreneurial culture and innovation for Micro, Small & Medium  Industries (MSMIs);
  2. Development and implementation of Strategies to promote the growth and graduation of (MSMIs) ; 
  3. Coordinate resource mobilization and partnerships for Programmes and Projects targeting (MSMIs); 
  4. Coordination and facilitation of linkages between (MSMIs) and Service providers. 
  5. Undertake Capacity building of (MSMIs) entrepreneurs;
  6. Coordinate the implementation of market access programmes for products made by (MSMIs).
  7. Development, review and dissemination of policies related to MSMIs.