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Samuel Karanja Njora
Secretary Administration

Mr. Samuel Karanja Njora is a career civil servant with 20+ years in the field of Public Administration.  He has risen up the ranks from a junior Assistant County Commissioner (formerly District Officer) to his current position of Secretary Administration in the State Department of Industry.
He is proficient in providing high-level Administration support including giving administrative direction and undertaking responsibility for complex planning, directing, and organizing staff to achieve organizational goals.  Mr. Njora possesses good communication and people management skills that have helped develop team spirit and motivated staff in all the stations he has worked in public service.
Work Experience
Mr. Njora has worked in the mainstream civil service, where he had risen from the position of a district officer to the county commissioner.  In these positions, he had traversed most parts of this country where he interacted with people with diverse cultures and backgrounds.  During these tours, he was able to successfully:

  • Coordinate national Government functions and departments to achieve set national goals.
  • Interpreted, disseminated, and implemented all set national Government policies and programs.
  • Set targets for the performance of public servants, and supervised and appraised their performance.
  • Ensured that peace and tranquility prevailed in all the areas by coordinating security operations and intelligence gathering.
  • Mobilized Public participation in governance and development matters.
  • For seamless operation and in the spirit of interdependence between National and County Governments, he provided linkages between the County Government and the National Government in the county where he served as a county commissioner.

It is worth noting that he has also worked with the then Institute / Department of Governance and Ethics based at State House, where he was able:

  • Establish the management structure for the institute/department.
  • Took a lead role in the performance of administrative duties in the institute /department.

Academic/Professional qualifications
He holds a master’s postgraduate degree in Public Administration and Management from Mt. Kenya University.   In addition to that, he holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Nairobi.
He has attended several professional courses from various institutions, which include but are not limited to;

  • Strategic management course from Kenya School of Government.
  • Senior Management Course from Kenya Institute of Administration.
  • Disaster preparedness and management from Kenya Institute of Administration
  • Diploma in Public Administration from Kenya Institute of Administration.
  • Procurement Certification from Government Training Institute
  • Certification for Administrative Officers paramilitary course from Administration Police Training College, Embakasi.

The above qualification and certifications have helped mold him into the astute Administrator he is.