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recommissioning of EA portlands

Government committed to growing industries

“The Government remains resolute in its commitment to supporting the competitiveness and growth of local industries despite many challenges,” the Cabinet Secretary for Investments, Trade and Industry Ms. Rebecca Miano has said. 
CS Miano made the remarks when she presided over the recommissioning of East African Portland Cement in Athi River.
She said that by levying 17.5% on the importation of clinker, the Government aimed at reducing the reliance of local cement companies on imported raw materials and promote the growth of domestic industries.
“This initiative is not just about protecting jobs and safeguarding local industries but about laying the foundation for a more resilient and competitive economy that can thrive in the global marketplaces,” said Ms. Miano.
She further stated that in addition to promoting competitiveness, the Government was also focusing on promoting import substitution in energy consumption. “The utilization of coal deposits in Kenya presents a unique opportunity to reduce our dependence on imported energy sources and create a more sustainable and self-sufficient energy ecosystem,” said the CS.

She explained that by harnessing the potential of coal, Kenya could reduce energy costs for local industries and create new opportunities for growth and innovation in sectors such as manufacturing, construction, and transportation
The Cabinet Secretary reiterated the Government’s commitment to supporting research and development initiatives, promoting skills development and training programs, and providing access to financing besides market opportunities for local entrepreneurs and innovators

recommissioning of EA portlands