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KIEP250plus cohort 2 SME call for applications - Industry PS calls for innovation among small businesses.

Industry Principal Secretary Dr. Juma Mukhwana has rallied small businesses to innovate in order to venture into value addition to enable access to export markets.
The PS said Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs) should in the process adopt innovation describing it as crucial in gaining a competitive edge.
Dr. Mukhwana said to boost SME revenues, the government encourages entrepreneurs to focus on value addition, especially for products destined for the export market.
“Embracing innovation is equally important, as it enhances productivity and competitiveness in business,” he said. “In the current global landscape, embracing technology and innovation is crucial for gaining a competitive edge.
KIEP250+ LAUNCHThe PS said innovation enables businesses to create more effective processes, products, and ideas, driving increased productivity and better marketing and sales strategies.
“It’s a pathway to surpassing the competition and thriving in the integrated market of today,” he added.
Dr. Mukhwana, who was speaking during the launch of an initiative to provide high-quality business development services to SMEs said the lessons from the Covid pandemic have revealed the importance of having a robust and resilient SME sector that can withstand profound shocks.
“Larger companies possess a greater capacity to respond accordingly to challenges and innovate, making it essential to support their growth towards having world-class resilience. These larger SMEs will serve as trailblazers and role models, inspiring countless companies that follow in their footsteps,” said Dr. Mukhwana.
He said the initiative, Kenya Industry and Entrepreneurship Project(KIEP) 250+ Cohort 2 Call for Applications, holds a critical mission of enhancing SME linkages and upgrading through the provision of high-quality business development services.
 “This initiative aims to propel SMEs to world-class levels, aligning perfectly with the government’s vision of making Kenya more competitive in the global market,” said the PS.
He added: “By providing SMEs with diagnostic services and tailor-made solutions, KIEP 250+ empowers them to address their specific business needs effectively and launch them for growth to the next level.”


The KIEP250plus cohort 2 SME applications are officially open!
Explore the eligibility criteria and begin your application here