Department of International Trade


The Department is responsible for the management of Kenya’s international trade relations and the promotion and protection of its interests overseas to contribute to the country’s Development plans including vision 2030.


To be a global leader in promoting international trade and private sector development


To advance Kenya’s international trade interests and promote an enabling environment for trade to thrive.

Core Functions

The core functions of the Department of International Trade are:-

  1. Formulation, implementation, coordination, monitoring and reviewing of international trade policies;
  2. Formulation and implementation of Export Strategy;
  3. Promotion of Bilateral ,Regional and Multilateral trade relations;
  4. Coordination of Kenya’s participation in Multilateral and International   trade negotiations;
  5. Undertake policy analysis and research on economic and international trade issues;
  6. Promote inflow of investments;
  7. Promote technology transfer;
  8. Coordinate trade and related negotiations;
  9. Coordination of inward and outward trade and investment missions;
  10. Promotion of Kenya as leading tourism destination;
  11. Ensure transparency, compliance and enforcement of the trade laws/regulations and agreements;
  12. Co-ordinate trade matters concerning, WTO, UNCTAD, ITC and other International Trade Organizations (ITOs) including negotiations and implementation of the relevant trade related decisions emanating from ITOs ;
  13. Dissemination of relevant business information to the business community;
  14. Coordination of regional trade matters: EAC, COMESA, EAC-EU, AGOA, ACP-EU, IOR-ARC and IGAD among others;
  15. Protection of domestic producers/industry from unfair trade practices;
  16. Promotion of public, private sector and civil society organizations’ participation in international trade matters;
  17. Analyses global trade and economic trends and emerging socio-economic issues;
  18. Coordination of Dispute Settlement matters arising from Multilateral, Regional and Bilateral trade ; and
  19. Coordination of the operations of trade and Brand Kenya promotion agencies.

Strategic Objectives

  1. To promote Bilateral, Regional and International Trade
  2. To enhance Kenya’s role and participation in Multilateral rule-based Trading System
  3. To promote Exports of Kenyan goods and services
  4. To protect Kenyan producers from unfair International trade practices
  5. 5.To promote investments



  • Multilateral Trade and International Trade Organizations (ITOs) Division
  • Regional Division
  • Bilateral division

Multilateral Trade and International Trade Organization (ITOS) Division

  1. Handles all the trade matters in relation with WTO, UNCTAD, ITC, UNDP, WB, IMM, UNIDO, WIPO,FAO, and participating in the negotiation of the meetings of these organizations
  2. With regard to WTO,
  • Coordination and preparation of negotiating positions on WTO issues
  • Responsible for trade policy reviews
  • Coordination of the preparation of notifications obligations under the WTO Agreements for transparency purposes
  • Coordination of activities of national committees on World Trade Organization (NCWTO) and its sub-committees
  • Coordination of the implementation of WTO agreements

Regional Division

  1. Handling trade matters relating to regional economic integration like COMESA, EAC, ACP/EU, IOR, and AU
  2. Formulating and preparing negotiation positions on regional trade integration EAC, COMESA, EAC–EU, AGOA, AU, COMESA- EAC- SADC Tripartite FTA, and IGAD among others.
  3. Coordination of the activities of the national consultative processes of stakeholders on regional trade and integration maters;
  4. Undertaking the analysis of the provisions of all regional trade agreements  

Bilateral Division

  1. Formulating and implementing trade policies,
  2. Handling matters concerning bilateral trade and commercial services abroad
  3. Identifying and evaluating business opportunities in the export market
  4. Undertaking the analysis of all bilateral trade agreements  
  5. Preparation of negotiating positions on bilateral trade


The Department has one ongoing programme under External Trade Promotion Services which is Sub- divided into two Sub – programmes namely; International Trade and Investment Promotions.


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  • Social Security House, Block A, 17th, 23rd Floor
  • P.O. Box 30418-00100, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Telephone: +254 20-2731531
  • Fax: +254 20-2731511
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    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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